Thursday, June 4, 2015

Do You Know the Preamble to the Constitution?

Do you know the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America?

Nebo's 4th graders do!

Check it out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Teacher Mentor Appreciation

As students relax for the summer, many teachers are already preparing for next school year.

High school students in Paulding County Schools have the opportunity to take "Teaching as a Profession" pathway, if they are interested in pursuing a teaching career in the future.

In the third course of the pathway, students participate in a year-long practicum with a teacher in one of our schools.

A reception was held on May 5th as an appreciation for their mentors.

All of the mentors dedicated themselves to enlightening the students in all areas of education. South Paulding High School's Culinary Arts program catered the event with a Cinco de Mayo theme.

Makenzie Anderson (student) and Nikki Belmore (Dugan teacher mentor)

We wish all of our pathway students good luck in their future career aspirations!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Congratulations to our 2015 Retirees

"Retirement is the beginning of life — not the end."
  - from
How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

For 63 educators and employees in Paulding County, their new lives begin on Friday. They will enter the world of retirement.

Earlier this month, the District honored each of these retirees at a luncheon.

We want to thank each of these educators and employees for their years of service to the children of Paulding County. Your loyalty, dedication and tireless commitment will be remembered always.

From the Paulding Neighbor:

Deborah Allen, East Paulding High School

Anita Bailey, Russom Elementary School

Ann Barber, Roberts Elementary School

Laurie Bartron, McGarity Elementary School

Ernest Baulding, McGarity Elementary School

Janet Behrens, Roberts Elementary School

Rhonda Brown, Hutchens Elementary School

Frances Cohen, East Paulding Middle School

Rachel Deal, McClure Middle School

Pamela Durham, Austin Middle School

Kay Eargle, Allgood Elementary School

Mittie Everett, Dugan Elementary School

Betty Folds, East Paulding High School

Billy Freeman, Maintenance

Carl Gamel, Transportation

Leslie Gillis, Hiram High School

Pamela Googe, Roberts Elementary School

Gail Graham, Poole Elementary School

Rita Henderson, McGarity Elementary School

Jerry Hightower, South Paulding High School

Yvette Hill, Central Office

Michael Jackson, Dobbins Middle School

Paula Jackson, Hiram Elementary School

Mary "Denise" Jennings, Northside Elementary School

Margaret King, Panter Elementary School

Mary Martin, Hiram High School

Pamela Moore, Roberts Elementary School

Doris Morris, Abney Elementary School

Patricia Moss, McGarity Elementary School

Jim Neal, Hiram High School

Cindy Nettke, New Georgia Elementary School

Elizabeth O'Connor, Abney Elementary School

Patricia Pace, Paulding County High School

Michael Perry, East Paulding High School

Myra "Anne" Perry, East Paulding High School

Donnie Priest, P.B. Ritch Middle School

Linda Reque, Burnt Hickory Elementary School

Pamela Seed, Baggett Elementary School

Sharon Tinnan, Herschel Jones Middle School

Gail Watts, South Paulding High School

Marilyn Willcox, Herschel Jones Middle School

Patricia Wills, McClure Middle School
Not pictured:
Tari Allendorf, Panter Elementary
Barbara Aubrey, Transportation
James Bearden, East Paulding High School
Dolly Bentley, Transportation
Wylene Cason, Hiram High School
Nancy Conway, East Paulding Middle School
Arlene Day, East Paulding High School
Sue Ann Eady, Union Elementary School
Mina Epps, South Paulding High School
Ellen Flemister, Abney Elementary School
Cindy Gardner, Russom Elementary School
Dale Hurley, Abney Elementary School
Elizabeth King, South Paulding High School
Lauranne Levy, Dallas Elementary School
Debra Lewis, Dallas Elementary School
Brenda "BJ" McKinley, Dugan Elementary School
George Powell, South Paulding Middle School
David Seanor, Moses Middle School
Kenneth Tyner, Transportation
Linda Tyrrell, Allgood Elementary School
Jerry Wood, Hutchens Elementary School

Congratulations to all of our retirees!!