Tuesday, April 28, 2015

McClure Club Places in MATE ROV Competition

Congratulations to SMMS who competed in the MATE ROV competition in Savannah, GA on Saturday.

The club placed First in the Navigator level, and Second and Third in the Scout category.

Awesome job!

McClure Middle Student Places in State History Competition

Congratulations to Marisol Griffiths of Sammy McClure Middle School! 

Last weekend, Marisol participated in the National History Day competition at the state level in Macon. She won 3rd place for Individual Documentary, Junior Division. Marisol's entry "Major Richard Winters: Documentary of a True Leader," is the alternate to the National comptition in Washington, DC in June.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shelton Elementary Participates in American Hero Math Days

On April 2nd and 3rd, Shelton Elementary third graders participated in the 2nd annual American Hero Math Days. Students rotated classrooms and participated in activities that incorporated the famous Americans they’ve studied throughout the year with a variety of math concepts.

Students in Misty Skellenger’s class studied common salaries for African Americans in the early 1900s and discussed how Mary Bethune helped African Americans raise money to pay the poll tax, along with teaching them to read.

Students in Cheryl Dean’s class used a timeline to organize and display important events from Lyndon B. Johnson’s life.

For the Frederick Douglass station, students in Lauren Green’s classroom used estimation to find the distances slaves had to travel on the Underground Railroad to escape to freedom.

American Hero Math Days not only integrated famous American and math. Students also used reading strategies, obtained information from charts, maps, and graphs, and viewed a variety of primary documents. Teachers also incorporated the use of technology by using Smartboards, Pebble Go, and video and sound clips.

After two successful years of American Hero Math Days, Shelton third grade teachers plan on making this a tradition. The students seemed to enjoy it as well. As third grader Neha Bhandari commented, “I loved how we could refresh our memories in a fun way!”