Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Students Defined as W-I-N-N-E-R-S in School Spelling Bees

Paulding County's students are spelling up a S-T-O-R-M in their annual Spelling Bees this month.

Today, we highlight some of the recent winners:

South Paulding Middle School completed their School Spelling Bee last week:

Austin Polk and Austin Speegle

Congratulations to Austin Speegle, winner, and Austin Polk, runner-up!

Hiram Elementary School had its school-wide Spelling Bee this month. Students in 4th and 5th grade who won their classroom contest participated to see who would represent the school at the district competition. Alternates were also selected in case the winner was not able to participate. 

Classroom Winners seated- Jasmine Truelove, Zindzi Okeyo, Destiny Palmer, Jadeyn McCamy, Brannon Clower, Carolina Watkins, Marviana Graham, and Kristen Robinson
Classroom Alternates standing- Carol Ziller, Allan Frisby, Angel Edwards, Hannah Brazie, Darius Dye, Mahliq Obie, Talmon Christensen, and Mr. Paul Wilder, principal.

Mr. Paul Wilder, principal with Kristen Robinson, Winner (left) and Jadeyn McCamy Alternate (right)

It was obvious from the start that the students had studied and were ready to compete.

After 28 rounds, 4th grader Kristen Robinson took home the title of Spelling Bee winner and 5th grader Jadeyn McCamy was named alternate.

And check out this great display of sportsmanship at Scoggins Middle School.

Nya Jackson and Hunter Stokes
Nya Jackson is congratulating the school's spelling bee winner, 7th grader Hunter Stokes. Hunter took home the win by correctly spelling the word "dementia" after 8 rounds.

Congratulations to all our spelling bee winners. The district competition will be held on January 30th.

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